Relieving Abnormal Discharge

When you notice you have abnormal discharge there are a few things you should be doing. Practicing proper self care is number one on the list. You want to avoid anything that will worsen your infection. This could be using soap to clean the vagina, using scented tampons or pads, and douching. Boric acid is a great solution to help rid your body of unwanted discharge. If you experience abdominal pain during period that’s completely normal.

Phobia of Bridges

When you have a phobia of crossing bridges you have what is medically known as gephyrophobia. This is a very common condition that many men and women face. This is a type of specific phobia. Many of these people also fear tunnels. They can have extreme anxiety when faced with crossing a bridge. Some may even experience this uncontrollable anxiety when they see a bridge from afar or see pictures of one. They have had a bad experience in their past that has caused them to develop this phobia.

A Gymnophobia’s Life

For those who have a persistent and irrational fear of nudity life can be extremely different than the rest of the general population. This condition is known medically as gymnophobia. These people will avoid public bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers. This is typically deep-rooted in personal issues with self-esteem. Some sufferers are afraid of seeing other naked, while other are afraid of others seeing them naked. This can interfere with a patient’s normal activities and greatly decrease their quality of life.

Brontophobia – Fear of Thunder and Lightning

Brontophobia is a condition where an individual experiences extreme anxiety and fear when there is thunder and lightning happening. This can be called astraphobia as well. This is a specific situation type of phobia that persons of all ages can experience. In fact, this is a very common phobia. It is number three on the top ten list of phobias that people suffer from. So if you suffer from brontophobia, don’t worry because you are not alone. That’s for sure!

Dealing with your anxiety can be tough. Most are able to seek comfort from others while it is thundering and lightning outside. But for those who don’t have someone to experience the storm with, they tend to go into a state of panic. They will start breathing heavily, sweat, cry, and shake. All sufferers tend to seek additional shelter in the form of hiding under the bed, the covers, or in the closet. Basically anywhere that makes them feel even more safe than just being indoors.

Do You Have Chills And Flushing Of The Face At Night?

If you are experiencing chills and flushing of the face at night you probably are awakening from a panic attacks. These are called nocturnal panic attacks and they can happen to almost anyone in the world. However, those who experience daytime anxiety attacks are at a higher risk for developing them at night.

Other common symptoms that will go along with the chills and flushing of the face include hyperventilation, excessive sweating, and an impeding sense of doom. Basically, you wake up violently from sleep not being able to breath, sweating like crazy, and feeling like you are going to die. This condition is fully treatable to those who have it.

You should speak to your doctor or try online consulting for your condition. Many people who experience these nocturnal panic attacks find that the lack of sleep they get each night is widely affecting their ability to perform during the daytime hours.

Sex And Keeping Him Alive For Longer

We are going to start this fun blog talking about the one thing that we can’t stop hearing about, how long he lasts in bed. This can be extremely pleasurable when he is able to hang on. But, when he can’t it can make sex just boring. And suddenly you are the bad person for not wanting to get down and dirty.

We are going to help take the stress out of your sexual relationship with a few simple tips that will keep him on fire for longer. If your man has problems with premature ejaculation we have the solution for you. For those of you who don’t know what this means let us explain. This is when he reaches the point of ejaculation within four minutes of vaginal penetration. Basically before you even start getting massive pleasure. You can give him benzocaine condoms for premature ejaculation. These will help to keep him lasting longer while giving you more pleasure.

Now unfortunately many women turn to themselves when finding the blame of poor sex. The truth is that his stamina has a lot to do with it. Prolonging ejaculation via the method at is the key to increasing his sexual stamina. This allows for more time getting into the moment.

Giving him a helping hand doing the squeeze technique can also train him to sustain himself longer. This is a medical behavioral therapy that has proven effect in men who have early ejaculation problems. It’s alright to talk about it and he may even be down for the idea when he hears you are going to be helping him out.

You can get some more great tips on how to keep in alive for longer between the sheets when you visit